“Amore Italiano” by 10×10 AnItalianTheory

On 24th  February  the new 10×10 ANITALIANTHEORY collection was presented at Milan Fashion week in Teatro Arsenale.

10х10 ANITALIANTHEORY – is an ironic, creative and extraordinary vision of fashion by Alessandro Enriquez. The collection consists of the dresses, tops, skirts and knitwear that can suit a special occasion as well as everyday life combained with something more basic.  The silhouette are simple, but the colorful stamps and patterns gave to the line it’s own identity.

I often ideally travel back in the 50’s and 60’s through the memories of my female relatives. I do have a clear picture of the color palette, of the volumes and proportions that I did mix to my personal declination of fashion and style. An intense textile and illustration work and research has during these last years accompanied this journey. I love to imagine an irreverent woman, smiling all the time”

Alessandro Enriquez           

FW collection 10×10 ANITALIANTHEORY “Amore Italiano”- is a lovestory at her very begining: phone calls, first dates, friends talk, advices when love only is born… or has changed! Intarsia and embroidery with the writings  «Bellissima» и «AMORE AMORE AMORE» won’t let you stay unnoticed and who knows, would help you to meet your love at first sight?

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