Leopards on the streets

On the streets of London and Milan during Men’s Fashion Weeks: who said, that leopard isn’t for men?! 

This winter the leopard print keep taking more and more place in the menswear wardrobe. Whether it’s a men or women, it definitely require a strong and brave personality, a certain attitude. In other words, be careful: leopards are on the streets.

The most courageous ones have chosen an overall leopard print on the garment (like a Dolce&Gabbana pullover or a fur coat).

Less “aggressive looks” have some leopard accents where the well notable print is set off by the major presence of one color.

For me personally, Simone Marchetti nails it once again, making the outfit harmonic yet particular. Bravo, Simone!

Photos by: Poli Alexeeva

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