Sunnei SS19 at Milan Men’s Fashion Week

The Italian brand presented the SS19 collection, debuting also in womenswear

The French-Italian duo of Simone Rizzo and Loris Messina, founders of the menswear brand based in Milan has expanded their creativity to the womenswear. The brand was founded in 2015. “We don’t come from a design background, so we approach things in a more practical manner, since we need to sell it in the end. We don’t take that approach of creating certain pieces just for on the runway, and then some t-shirts which actually sell”.

The brand has gained the fame through Instagram. It’s kind of s a clash between streetwear and haute fashion, infused with an awkward sense of cool. “We’ve never spent any money on marketing and all of our marketing efforts take place across social networks. Since digital marketing is what we’re both specialized in, we managed to come up with a strategy that would speak to both consumer as well as industry insiders. Many of our customers are creatives: people from the art world, architects, DJs, journalists, designers. South Korea was the first market to take notice of us when we launched the brand. I think it’s because the South Koreans are crazy about social media, and at the time Instagram was one our main platforms. Till this day, almost everybody who buys our product will say that they found us through Instagram”.

Photos by Poli Alexeeva

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