Simone Cosac Perfumes: Pop up store in Florence

A new pop up store inFlorence of niche parfums by Simone Cosac.

     Not all the arums are the same. And the thing is not only in the different ingredients. Every perfume has it’s own story, notes, owner. Your choice of perfume depends on the experiences that you had in life. That’s the philosophy of Simone Cosac – a creative woman with a very fine taste, founder of her own brand. 

     Simone is Brazilian, but for many years she has been living in Florence, the place that has inspired her for creating her own line of perfumes.

     The passion for the world of smells has been noticed since the young years of Simone, and arabic origins of the family might have helped a lot – a culture where the perfumes are considered almost an art and people has been mixing different essentials for ages in order to create your own unique perfume. So did little Simone, when she was closing herself in the mother’s bathroom, mixing her perfumes, trying to create something of  her own, not being afraid to experiment.

     The next step was many years after, when Simone discovered a love story that has belonged to a historical villa La Tana on the Florentine hills. It was hiding a story of a prohibited love and courage between The Gran Duke Francesco di Medici and Bianca Cappello. That story has inspired Simone to create her  first perfumes – Perle di Bianca.

    After that, more creations came, all inspired by love – «Trama» («a plot»), Peccato («a sin»), Sublime and others.


«A perfume is like a photoalbum -Explains Simone. – But instead of photos there are olfactive memories, that a person has. When we are kids, we love chocolate and vanilla, because that’s our universe, more primitive, more gastronomic. Later, when we grow up, we connect other olfactive memories : the first kiss – where it happened, the smell of grass, sea, the smell of mom’s cake, her perfume… All these collections of smells create out olfactive album, which change with the pass of time. That’s why a person who can appreciate these perfumes is a person who has lived and seen things.

    That’s what represents our personality. Our «second skin» is not clothes, but your scent, that’s your real identity. That’s why I always say – there’s no such a thing that male or female perfume. Because a man could have experienced the same things as a women. He scented the smell of patchouli when he was young; he removers the scent of Chanel n.5 of his mom;  the salty smell of the sea when he had his first kiss. And the he has created this albums of olfactive memories that’s when he fells for Sublime, for example. And nobody has the right to tell it’s a female perfume.

    That’s why I don’t believe in the female and male scents.  I believe that there are perfumes for mature people, for young ones, for a 10 years old etc. – for every kind of olfactive memory in it’s development.»

The store will be open till the end of August.

Address: Piazza di S. Maria Soprarno, 3

From Monday to Saturday, 10.00-13.00; 15.00-20.00

Photos and text by  Poli  Alexeeva

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