8 advices from Renzo Rosso for successful living

Renzo Rosso, the founder of Diesel,  came to Polimoda to share his experience and give some advices for tomorrow’s fashion specialists.

Advices for successful living from Renzo Rosso:

1. You have many possibilities to find your job, so go where you feel better. If you think that you like something and you are good at that, go there, try, insist. You knock on that door, they don’t open, you knock again. One day you will find someone who will trust you. And it’s not important how big you’ll become, but it’s more important to be happy, to enjoy where you are working, how nice is to spend time doing something that you like.

2. This business has many different directions. Try first  to choose where’s your strength, it’s much easier to grow yourself.

3. Choose for your future success a team. The best way to succeed is to create a team and to have people that you trust, with who you share opinions , your visionThe great thing about a team is that if you are on a boat and you are rowing all together, everybody’s moving the boat in the same direction. If you don’t share, if you divide what you think and what they think, and if at the end you don’t agree on one direction, you will find people working on your thing who have a different direction from your’s. It’s like in soccer: when everybody play in the same direction, you can win the Cup.

4. If you want to sell what you are doing, you must be the first consumer, you should be very much in love with what you are doing. And if you trust what you are doing, you are able to transfer it to the people who are going to buy it. and that’s the best.

5. You can build anything from the creativity. Because the creativity comes first, and after with the creativity you can build the rest. Otherwise, without creativity, it’s only the price fighting to sell 1 dollar more.

6. Get as much crazy as you can: because it’s easy to cut, from something crazy, you can cut some details. But when you start, go on the full speed. I work on the maximum. Through the maximum, you enjoy. So, Start high! Start deeply, Start crazy! Through the crazy, other people (commercialist, merchandisers etc) can easily take down and make more simple things.

7. Everything is possible, but you need to be there, to check and to believe.

8. More information you have about everything, the more incredible you can become. If you become open minded, you can understand better the world. More culture you have, the easier it is ti understand what’s going on.


Text and photos by Poli Alexeeva

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