Zaim Kamal, Creative Director of Montblanc on everyday luxury and creating successful relationship between brands and customers

Zaim Kamal, Creative Director of Montblanc have recently given a speech in Polimoda where he talked about the Maison, everyday luxury and a key to a build a successful relationship between a brand and its customers.

On Luxury

Luxury is about space, very personal space, tactility and creating companions.

-Lifestyle, in the end, it’s nothing except every day. Everyday luxury of being able to do what we do the way we do it. And as luxury Maison, we need to give what helps you to elevate that.

On the importance of tactility

-It’s all linked to how we interact with each other. It’s not important what tools you have, it’s what you doing that and what’s the purpose of that. It goes from instructive to intuition: meaning – the way you use your bag is different from the way I use mine. it does the same thing. This intuition comes from tactility and companion. We created pieces that fulfill the same purpose but are intuitive.

-Writing by hand is having control over things. When you type on your computer and you press “send”, it’s not yours anymore. You have no control over what happens next. But when you write something by hand and you give it to someone it’s your control and it’s your intuition. A computer is a communication tool. If you write I love you on a paper and give to someone or you type it in 10 times, which one do you think will be more appreciated? The written one, not because it’s personal but because you touched it. Tactility.

On the relationship with customers

-To enter the mind frame of any client you have to enter the space that is so closely guarded. Especially now that there are so many filters, so many barriers to go to, that you can never bring them down that the only thing you can do is to approach them and they open then themselves. It’s fascinating if you do it properly. How do you get new clients? They come to us because we do things an any different way. The success of doing things in a different way is also showing that we are taking the distance away breaking down these locks.

-“Be a disturber, not a designer” (cit. Hiroshi Fujiwara). The moment you disturb, that you decide to do things out of the usual, that is the moment you have people’s attention. You just have to be authentic about it. And this is when the success of many Maison come – it’s because they disturb in an authentic way. So whenever you’re faced with the question of how do you make a product, a campaign, communication relevant, approachable, successful, you want people to walk towards you and open the boundaries. If you are not authentic it’s not going to work. Never underestimate how a client will approach you if you speak in an authentic way. Even if you create things that are not relevant to them, but they will see authenticity. And it’s not about the craftsmanship, it’s not about finishing, money, values and Because these are gene factors. You don’t question craftsmanship. What are you do you question is: is it relevant to me?

– The origins are important not because of the “made in” But because of the competence that you want to use. As long as these competencies are authentic and people that are buying it understand why you do this.

Photos: Poli Alexeeva

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